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Integrating music into academic subjects

Integrating music into academic subjects such as English can help students think more critically and creatively, educators say...For more details visit: www.usnews.com

Most Popular Music Education Methods.

There are various approaches used by educators when it comes to teaching music. Here are four of the most popular music education methods....For more details visit: www.teachthought.com

Jolly Learning was founded in 1987

Jolly Learning was founded in 1987 and started selling the first of the Jolly Phonics products five years later. It uses the synthetic phonics method of teaching the letter sounds in a way that is fun and multi-sensory, enabling children to become fluent readers....For more details visit: www.jollylearning.co.uk

Ideas and Inspiration for Music

Use these images to provide ideas and inspiration for Music in your classroom.They could be used as a lesson starter to review what the children already know, or as part of main activities when you introduce new concepts... or put them up on a classroom display!...For more details visit: www.teachingideas.co.uk

Many Music Teachers

I had this question posted to me a few weeks ago and after careful research and consideration have posted this reply. I know this will be of value to many music teachers out there and although the answer is to address teaching at kindergarten level, it is applicable and adaptable to teaching any young class. Please add your own experience and add feedback to the comment box below I would love to hear your perspective on this important issue....For more details visit: www.funmusicco.com

Methods for Fostering Music

Proven methods for fostering music literacy with Music You Can Read....For more details visit: www.musicnotes.net

Music lesson plan

Music lesson plan for the teachers. Lots of resources on how to teach music to the children and how to draw their interest in music....For more details visit: www.teach-nology.com

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