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THF Rajpur School: PGPs and Collaborative Practices

THF-Rajpur-Pic1Tibetan Homes Foundation School has 26 teachers who come under this Teacher Professional Development project and through this project, benefits 490 students. Under the leadership of the school Principal, Mr. Migmar Tsering la, the school is successfully implementing both the PGPs and Collaborative Practices. The project began with the Orientation and workshop on Teacher Professional Development by the school Principal himself at the time of new Academic session.

Annual Individual Professional Growth Plan (PGP)
THF-Rajpur-Pic6So, as per the guidelines, the teachers submitted their individual PGPs to their school Principal. After that the school Principal also had one to one meeting with some of the teachers regarding the progress of their PGPs. Some of the PGPs of the school teachers are: To improve the Math Concept; To improve the handwriting of the students; to create English Speaking Environment. All the teachers were unanimous regarding the professional benefit they got while implementing their PGPs. They got all the support from the school heads in implementing their PGPs.

Collaborative Practices in the School
THF-Rajpur-Pic3As a part of their collaborative practices, the main focus they want to emphasis this year was the Lesson Study. The teachers formed their own lesson study groups under respective subject. Presently there are five: Tibetan, English, Science, Social and Mathematics Lesson Study Groups. So far, two rounds of Lesson Study cycles have been completed including the Pre-Lesson conference, Demonstration, post lesson conference etc. The lesson plans have been submitted to the school Principal. The teacher's Reading Corner books are used by the teachers for their PGPs as well as for their Collaborative practices.