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Collaborative Practices

A three member team from Department of Education and Tibet Fund, Dharamsala visited THF Mussoorie as a part of On-site school visit to give support and guidance about the Teacher Professional Development Program.
During their visit, the team conducted the following sessions:
1. Attending one or two of the Collaborative Practices going in the school we visit
2. Meeting the teachers in the presence of the school Principals and discussing about their PGPs and sharing our thoughts and personal experiences

3. PowerPoint presentation on Teacher Professional Development and its importance
4. Collecting suggestions from the teachers regarding the implementation of the Collaborative practices
5. Filling a short survey questionnaire on TPD to assess the progress and its implication to their profession development
6. Introduction to the Facebook group and to the teachers to bring all the teachers together and share their ideas and thoughts.
7. Checking the log-book of the Teachers' Reading Corner books.

 Collaborative Practices:

Most of the collaborative practices were Co- teaching and there was one Collaborative book Discussion presentation by the group members. The team members attending co-teaching practices in the class. After the session, the teachers were given timely feedback and guidance such as the importance of making the lesson plan together, observing the lesson critically by the co-teacher, having post lesson conference, preparing a new lesson plan and demonstrating the lesson again were some of the feed backs given by them. The teachers accepted the feed backs and assured the team that they would incorporate those in their next practice. Some of the teachers also shared their PGPs during the meeting.

Over here in THS Mussorie, the orientation course on Teachers Professional Development was conducted in three different groups of teachers. The first group comprises only Post Graduate Teachers. Second group comprises only Trained Graduate Teachers. Third group comprises Primary and Pre-Primary teachers.
Prior to orientation course, the Pro-D guidelines booklet released from DOE was distributed to all the teachers and gave instruction to read it and be ready to clear the doubts during orientation course.

On 29th April 2014, Mrs. Tsering Yangkey (Sr. Headmistress) delivered the lectures with help of Powerpoint Presentation. The subject matter includes the importance of Pro-D to teachers and various steps and methods involved in Teaches professional Development. She also organized the necessary activities related to Teachers Professional Development to all the teachers very successfully.

Schedule of Orientation course was from 8.45 A.M. to 12.30 P.M. to all the Post Graduate Teachers (PGT) with three sessions and two short breaks in between the orientation course. The presentations were done with help of Smart Board donated by DOE. Number of teacher participant was 20.

She again gave same orientation course to all the Trained Graduate Teachers (TGT) on the same day afternoon between 1.30P.M. to 4.p.m. very successfully. Number of teacher participant was also 20. In total, 40 teachers participated in Teachers Professional Development Orientation Course on 29th April. 2014. The response to the orientation course was quite positive from the teachers as all the teachers participated very actively in it.

On 2nd May 2014, Mrs. Sonam Dolma (Jr. Headmistress, THS Mussoorie) delivered the lectures on Teacher Professional Development to Primary and Pre-Primary teachers with help of powerpoint presentation over Smart Board (donated by DOE & Tibet Fund). She undertook all the necessary procedures and steps mentioned in Pro-D guidelines (published by DOE ) to the Junior School teachers and Pre-Primary (Montessori Section) teachers in THF Mussoorie. Her orientation course was scheduled between 8.45 A.M. to 12.30 P.M. (in the morning session of school) with three active sessions and two breaks in between the course. It was again quite successful. In total, 31 teachers participated in this orientation course of Teachers Professional Development on 2nd May, 2014.


I personally made myself present in all the sessions for supervision and shared my knowledge to the participants wherever it was felt necessary on what I have learned earlier from DOE workshop in Jan. 2014 at Dharamsala.

In Tibetan Homes School Mussoorie the total number of 71 teachers (from all the sections) participated in the current Teachers Professional Development Orientation Course.

In short, the Orientation on Teachers Profession Development to all the teachers in THS Mussoorie and THS Rajpur was completed very successfully. The responses from all the teachers were also quite positive.