TPD Wrap Up Session-2017

Academic year 2017 is almost wrapping up. Just like the farmers reap their crops and calculate their annual output after each farming season, the teachers as well as the students measure their outcome and progress both in terrms of academic as well as morality. As for the teachers, its time to reflect upon their professional development programs they have under taken this academic session.

Having said that, many of the Tibetan schools across India have wrapped up their ongoing Teacher Professional Development activities. Most of the schools have arranged a modest function during which some of the teachers share their experiences and their collaborative practices. The school administration has also arranged refreshments for the teachers in recognition for their hardwork and collaboration. In spite of the hectic schedule each teacher goes through day in and day out, the fact that the teachers have participated in these programs alone is a great outcome for this academic year. Hats off to all the teachers everywhere. Never give up no matter what! Always strive hard in moulding our young ones into a good human beings equipped with both modern and traditional education. This may be tough but not impossible. Thank you school heads for the support.

20171026 164529A similar modest function was held in TCV school Suja and named it " Teacher Professional Development Wrap Up session". Here is a report from Mrs. Sonam Dolkar la, our computer cum website reporter.
T.C.V. Suja observed the final TPD discussion for the year 2017 on 26th October. Under the guidance and support of T.C.V. TPD program coordinator Mr. Tenzin Dhargyal la, all teachers of T.C.V. Schools participate in various professional development programs besides their regular academic obligations. Teachers are given full freedom to choose their programs and approaches to carry it out. Teacher’s Professional Development is considered very important for the Educators. Education is a never-ending process and it must not stop at all. TPD program is now made mandatory in most schools. TCV has officially adopted it few years back.
In TCV Suja, TPD program was mostly carried out department wise. Though some individuals carried out the program on their own, but most of the teachers carried it out faculty wise. Today was the final day for TPD discussion for 2017 academic year. Summative 1 TPD sharing was held in the month of August. As the year is now nearing to its end and more focus is put on to the preparation of Term end examination, TPD program for this year took its culmination with very positive windup.
IMG 5995The teaching faculty of both junior and senior sections gathered in the school hall to attend the final TPD discussion. As the teachers entered the venue, beautiful inspiring posters relating to Teachers’ profession were hanged around. Picture slide show of teachers participating in TPD programs were projected on the screen and soft background music of the famous song, “To Sir, With Love” by Lulu was played. A very welcoming and friendly environment was created. School’s Headmaster welcomed everyone to the gathering and invited Mr. Ngawang Thupten la to start the program.
Mr. Ngawang Thupten la gave an oral report of TPD program carried out by Science Department of senior section. He shared their group’s experiences and approaches in taking out their program. They participated in “Team Teaching” and discussion on a common topic. He reported that it was a very new experience and it had a very positive outcome. They had made assessments of their programs and are very much inspired to adopt their approaches later too.
20171026 164523Then, Mrs. Pema Tsering from junior English department presented a PowerPoint presentation report on their TPD program. Some teachers of English department of junior section proposed to make Tibetan teaching aids to help enrich print rich environment in primary classes. She gave a detailed report on working of their group and outcome thereafter. It was a very wonderful initiative taken by these teachers.
Mr. Tseten Rabgyal shared his next year’s Professional Growth Plan. One good thing about TPD program in TCV School is that a teacher can uptake any program not necessarily academic but adopt non-academic program too for their TPD plan. So, Mr. Tserab la accepted to plant flowers in the school campus. He plans to utilize all vacant area in the school to plant flowers and plant trees. His proposal was in a way an inspiration to many teachers.
20171026 155939Lastly, Mr. Tenzin Dhargyal la summed up the TDP program for year 2017. With so much humility and sincerity, he encouraged everyone to participate indulging in anything productive no matter big or small. He said that every individual has capacity to bring positive change. Claiming Teaching as a very pious profession, he requested everyone to be more dedicated and sincere towards their profession. Quoting a famous quotation by J.F. Kennedy, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”, he requested everyone to start taking their own small initiative in building the nation.He also presented a presentation of his survey conducted on teacher’s profession. With the help of the bar graphs, he presented the report of his survey.
Finally, the school principal Mr. Karma Sherab la extended his vote of Thanks. He thanked each and every member involved in the program and lauded them. He assured his full support and monetary backing for any skill development programs.The program finally ended over a refreshment of tea and snacks organized by Mr. Tenzin Dhargyal la.

By Tenzin Dhargyal