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TCV School Selakui: PGP and Collaborative Practices

School-TCV-Selakui-Pic1TCV School Selakui has 22 teachers who come under this Teacher Professional Development project and indirectly benefit its 389 students. Under the leadership of the school Principal Mr. Duke Tsering la and the two headmasters Mr. Tsultrim Kalsang la and Mr. Gompo la, the Assistant Headmaster, the school is implementing the project well. On the very outset, the school had its own Orientation and workshop on this project by the school Principal himself.

Annual Professional Growth Plan (PGP)

As per the guidelines about the Teacher Professional Development, all the School-TCV-Selakui-Pic2teachers as well as some of the Non- teaching staff's PGPs have been collected by the school Principal. Since then, the school heads have been meeting one to one with some of the teachers regarding their PGPs. Some of the PGP goals the teachers have chosen are: To improve the Assessment of the students' work and to improve the Reading Skills of the students. Both the teachers found it very useful and beneficial not just for their own professional growth but also for the students. While implementing this PGP, they developed a lot professionally.

Collaborative Practices in the School

School-TCV-Selakui-Pic3Apart from the book presentation by two teachers weekly as a part of Collaborative practice, the school has chosen the Lesson Study Group to emphasis on this year. All the books that they would present were from the Teachers' Reading Corner. The Lesson Study groups are formed for all the subjects namely Tibetan, English, Social, Science and Mathematics. The time table for the Lesson Study circle has already been made and will cover in the next couple of months. The lesson Plans from this collaborative practice have been uploaded in the website.

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