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TCV Lower Dharamsala PGPs and Collaborative Practices

Book-Discussion-01TCV School Lower Dharamsala has total of 35 teachers who come under this TPD Project and there are 669 students who indirectly benefitted from this project. Under the leadership of the school Principal Mr. Cheme Lhundup la and the Headmasters Mr. Passang Dhondup la and his assistant Mr. Wangchuk la, the Teacher Professional Development was introduced through a brief Orientation which was followed by intensive workshop by Mr. Kalsang Wangdue la, the Teacher Development and Curriculum Officer of TCV Schools.

Personal Growth Plan (PGP)
The implementation of the project started soon after and the teachers' Personal Growth Plans (PGPs) were collected by the school Principal and the teachers were divided among the three school heads so that proper follow up on the PGP will be effective. The school heads did meet some of the teachers and discussed the progress of their PGPs. At the end of the year, all the teachers will submit a report on their PGP to the school heads.

"Regarding my PGP this year, my aim is to develop the habit of reading more Tibetan books among my students. To achieve this aim, I discussed with the students as well as other teachers. I also referred to various children's literatures myself, which of course helped a lot. I read to the students, recommended books and met them whenever I got free time. With the passage of time, I see some changes in them already. They carry books in their hand and their reading was better than before. I hope to work on that. Through this PGP, I not only help my students but it helped me a lot in my own professional development." Mr. Lhakpa Dhoundup, Tibetan Teacher

Book-Discussion-02Collaborative Practices:
TCV School Lower Dharamsala has two sections; Junior section and Senior Sections both of which have their own Collaborative practices. Some of the Collaborative practices implemented in the schools are:

Book Discussion Group:
The Tibetan teachers had unanimously decided to do Book Discussion as a part of their collaborative practice for this semester. The book they had chosen was the Tibetan translation of His Holiness' book, "Ethics for the New Millennium" - གནའ་བོའི་ཤེས་རབ་དང་། དེང་གི་འཇིག་རྟེན། The teachers met one another during their weekly TPD time table. They shared their views and suggestion after reading the book and how some of the topics are related to the teaching. The teachers are grouped into pair and each group prepared a gist of the chapter they studied and finally presented to the other teachers using powerpoint. During the presentation, they share their experiences.. " It was really a nice learning experience for me. We all shared our own knowledge, ideas and experiences with one another. It was great learning and working collaboratively" –Mrs. Phurbu Dolma

The PPT of all the groups can be downloaded here.



Social Science teachers' Book Discussion:
A group of Social Science teachers did a book Discussion on NCERT published book " Teaching of Social Studies". They met time to time during their class hour and free time and discussed on the book.

Book-Discussion-03Lesson Study Groups:
There are 3 Lesson Study groups and they are Mathematics, Science and English in both the sections. The group of teachers in their respective Lesson Study met during their free time and prepared a lesson. Then one of the teachers demonstrated the lesson in one class while rest of the teachers in the group observed how the lesson and the activites go. After that they had debriefing session during which they incorporated the suggestions and feedback and prepared one more lesson plan. Then they demonstrated the lesson following the same procedure until final lesson plan was formed. The final as well as the pre liminary lesson plans were then submitted to the school Principal. " It was really good learning experience through this collaborative Lesson Study group. I got to see and watch other senior teachers' teaching which itself is a great professional development for me" Miss Pema English Teacher