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TCV Gopalpur: PGPs and Collaborative Practices

TCV School Gopalpur has a total of 72 teachers who are covered under this Teacher Professional Development project, which will directly benefit 1221 students. The school has 3 sections namely Primary, Junior and Senior. Under the leadership of the school Principal Mr. Phuntsok Tashi la and the two headmasters Mr. Lobsang Monlam la and Mr. Tenzin Sangpo la, the school is properly implementing the Teacher Professional Development Project, initiated by the Department of Education, CTA. An intensive Orientation and workshop on the new paradigm was given by Mr. Kalsang Wangdue la, the then Tibet Fund Education Specialist from the very beginning of the session.

Professional Growth Plan (PGP)
As per the guidelines, after giving enough time for the teachers to think about their PGP this year, the school heads collected all the PGPs of their teachers. Since then, they have been having one to one meeting with some of the teachers regarding the progress of their PGPs. The PGPs are going on successfully and the teachers are entitled to submit their brief annual report on their PGPs.
As funded by the Tibet Fund, the teachers' Reading Corner was installed and the books are used by the teachers for their PGPs as well as for their Collaborative Practices. The books have been entered in the Library stock register and proper log-book has been maintained.

Collaborative Practices in the school:

As a part of their Collaborative practices, both the senior and junior sections have Book Discussion groups as well as Lesson Study Groups.

Junior Section Collaborative Practices:

Untitled1Book Discussion:
On September 19, 2014, around 40 primary teachers of the TCV School Gopalpur assembled to discuss issues related to "Motivation" in education. The discussion was based on the book titled "What did you ask at school today?" written by Kamala V. Mukunda. During this 2 hours long program, a group of teachers shared their understandings based on the book and small-scale researches carried out by the team. The discussion dwelled heavily on the drawbacks of using "reward and punishment" to motivate or de-motivate certain behaviors in child. The team also brought in Tibetan perspectives to complement western psychology. Reading and discussing professional literature is an important part of the teacher professional development initiatives. The program was attended by the section headmaster Mr. Tenzin Sangpo, the school principal Mr. Phuntsok Tashi, and TCV Curriculum & Teacher Development Officer Mr. Kalsang Wangdu.

Lesson Study Group: Mathematic teachers of class IV and Class V have their own Lesson Study groups each comprising of 3-4 teachers. They completed one full cycle of Lesson study. The teachers in the group found it very useful and beneficial not only for themselves but for the students to develop interest. The Lesson Plans were submitted and can be downloaded from this website for sharing.
Download Lesson Plan

Senior Section Collaborative Practices:

UntitledBook Discussion by Tibetan Teachers: On September20, 2014, TCV School Gopalpur organized a discussion on Khenpo Tsultrim Lodoe's recently published book Dus-babs kyi rnga-sgra (). The discussion was participated by close to 100 teachers and educators. Khenpo is a renowned educationist in Tibet, and his book primarily dwells on two important educational issues - 'teacher' and 'language education'. The discussion was led by the Tibetan Language Department of the school's senior section, comprising of 6 teachers. The topics discussed include nature, significance, and responsibilities of the teaching profession. The discussion turned out to be a huge motivating factor for many teachers, and rejuvenated their passion and commitment. This discussion is organized as part of the teacher professional development project and reading and discussing professional literature is central to it. The program was attended by the section headmasters, the school principal Mr. Phuntsok Tashi, and TCV Curriculum & Teacher Development Officer Mr. Kalsang Wangdu. Tea and snacks were served at the end of the program. This program is funded by the Department of Education and The Tibet Fund through its Tibet Education Project.
Download Book Discussion PPTs Zipped

Senior Mathematics Lesson Study Group: A group of senior Mathematics teachers formed their own Lesson Study Group. Under the leadership of Senior Maths teacher Mrs. Sarita, the group was able to maintain a proper document highlighting all the cycles in detail. The Math lesson study group completed their first round of their complete cycle. A detailed report had been documented and the first and the final Lesson Plan for class VII Math have been available for download from here.
Download Lesson Plan

Book Discussion by Social Science Teachers: As a part of their Collaborative Practice, the social teachers of senior section comprising of 8 formed their own Book Discussion Group. The book they had chosen was "Teach your Child how to Think Scientifically". The group met during the TPD period and discussed about the book chapter by chapter.

English Peer Observation Group: Peer Observation is also a part of the Collaborative practice and as such two Senior English teachers decided to practice Peer teaching this year. They followed the procedure of Peer Observation that is given in the TPD Guidelines and Framework.

Science Lesson Study: The senior science teachers had their own Science Lesson Study. The teachers met during their TPD Day and planned their lesson. One of the teachers presented the lesson in the class while rest observed the teaching. They completed the full cycle of Lesson Study. The Lesson plan will be uploaded soon for sharing with rest of the science teachers of other schools.