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Teacher Professional Development

TCV Education Director has convened a meeting of Principals of TCV schools in HP in order to discuss the implementation of TPD Project on March 19, 2014. Followings are some the main outcomes of the meeting.
1. As per guidelines from the DoE/The Tibet Fund, TCV pilot schools will organize one collaborative learning program (book reading/discussion or lesson study or others) during the first semester. Since all the schools are relatively big with large number of teachers, such program will be organized section-wise (Junior, Middle, and Senior). School heads will discuss with their respective teachers and decide on the program by mid-April, 2014.

2. Teachers in the pilot schools will also design and work on a yearly professional growth plan (PGP). They will plan their PGP in April 2014 and submit the written plan to school heads by April end. In the beginning of May, teachers will discuss their PGP with principal or headmaster or assistant headmaster or department heads. They will then pursue their plan. School heads will support and monitor by asking some teachers to share their progress during the monthly section meeting. At the end of the year, teachers will write a brief reflective report on their PGP along with their annual report and submit it to the school heads. Good reflective writings will be uploaded on TCV website.
3. Schools will create a 7th period for the sake of carrying out TPD programs and other school activities.
4. In order to help teachers understand the new approach, TCV Teacher Professional Development and Curriculum Officer Kalsang Wangdu will visit TCV schools and give a brief workshop to all teachers. Visit schedule is as follow.