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Teachers’ Professional Development Programmes and Activities

Teachers' Professional Development Programmes and Activities

The following are the individual and collaborative practices and programs that were held at Gangkyi and Lower Petoen School during the academic year 2016-2017.

Individual Professional Growth Plan

1. Annual Professional Growth Plan

Each teacher from both upper and lower Petoen School has undertaken personal Professional Growth Plan for the academic year 2016-2017. They submitted their plans at the beginning of the academic session in March 2016. The school Headmistress and the Principal had an informal discussion with each individual teachers regarding their plans. The teachers submitted a reflective writing of the previous academic year which was a part of their Professional Growth Plan.

2. Professional Reading and Writing

Almost all the teachers are involved in reading books and articles related to education and teaching. Group discussions and reviews on the books read in the academic session by the teachers were held in the 2nd Professional Development Day held on 24th September 2016. The teachers have constantly used many references and books from our Teachers' Reading Corner at the School. Some of the books read and discussed are listed below.

• The seven C's of positive behaviour
• Divaswapna
• The sixty-second Motivator
• Chicken Soup for teachers
• The leader in me
• Basic education policy
• The lesson planning handbook
• Beyond religion
• The ways to peace (a resource book for teachers)
• མདོ་མཛངས་བླུན།
• ཤིས་ཡོན་ལམ་བསྟོན།
• ཨ་མ་མཛངས་མ་དགེ་བའི་བཤེས་གཉེན་འདྲ།
• ཆོས་ལུགས་ཀྱི་མཚམས་ལས་འདས་པ།

The school introduced DEAR (Drop Everything And Read) Time from August 2016 with a goal to create a community of readers at school by encouraging both the teachers and students to read. During the DEAR Time, all the students and teachers along with office staff sit together to read. Half an hour between 3:30pm to 4:00pm is devoted for DEAR Time on every Monday and Tuesday at Gangkyi Petoen School. Same is the case with Lower Petoen School on every Wednesday to Friday at the similar time.

3. Mentor a Student Teacher

Many of our teachers act as a mentor to student teachers from Simon Fraser University(SFU), Canada. These student teachers visit our school every year between October to November for their teaching practicum which is a part of their course. The following are the list of the teachers who mentor SFU student teachers during their practicum:
(a) Ms. Kelsang Wangmo (Gangkyi Petoen) Samantha Siu and Jasmeet Kaur (SFU)
(b) Mr. Ngawang Dorjee (Gangkyi Petoen) Parveen Ratan (SFU)
(c) Ms. Tsering Tsamchoe (Lower Petoen) Megan Weeks (SFU)
(d) Ms. Tenzin Kyizom (Lower Petoen) Simone Broderick-Hale (SFU)
(e) Mr. Kunsang Dorjee (Lower Petoen) Teresa Tsai (SFU)

4. Individual Blog

All the teachers at the Lower Petoen School have personal blogs. They upload their lesson plans, lessons, worksheets, projects, reflective writing, compositions, etc. A few teachers at Upper Petoen had also prepared their blogs from this academic session.

1 Tenzin Kyizom tenzkyizom.wordpress.com English
2 Dawa Tsering datse3889.wordpress.com Chinese and Tibetan
3 Tenzin Dolma 10dolmala.wordpress.com Music and Dance
4 Tenzin Namdak tenzintenzin04.wordpress.com Social Science
5 Ngawang Phurbu ngaphu.wordpress.com Physical Education
7 Tenzin Kyizom kyizomtenzin7.wordpress.com Mathematics
8 Tsering Tsamchoe tsotso21790.wordpress.com Mathematics and Science
9 Lobsang Tsering lobsangtsering.wordpress.com Tibetan
10 Tsewang Norbu mtpsit.wordpress.com Computer
11 Thupten Choephel thuptenchophel.wordpress.com Religion and Tibetan
12 Kunsang Dorjee kunsang143.blogspot.in Social Science
13 Tenzin Dolma tendonla4.wordpress.com PRT
14 Tenzin Choetso Tenchoe444.wordpress.com PRT
15 Tenzin Tsomo Tenzitsomo.wordpress.com PRT

 Collaborative Practice and Communication

1. Electronic Conference or Bulletin Board

At the beginning of the session during orientation, the former School Principal had introduced websites related to professional development. Some of the websites that our teachers use are:

Many of our teachers have joined the Facebook Group Page : Tibetan Educators' Network for Professional Development and are following http://www.tibetanteachers.com/

2. Partner Learning / Peer Coaching

The teachers at the Lower Petoen School are involved in Partner Learning. Teachers pair up to observe each other's teaching and provide constructive feedbacks by using 'Observation Cycle'. This academic session also the teachers will carry on with Peer Observation Cycle to facilitate peer learning scheduled for the month of October and November. Apart from this, the teachers serving as mentor teacher will follow the observation cycle while mentoring the SFU student teachers.

Professional Development Day

Since 2014, Petoen School holds two Professional Development Days (Pro-D day) in a year. During the Pro-D day, our teachers provide workshops to our fellow teachers. Sometimes the resource persons from outside are invited as and when necessary. This year, the teachers from Gangkyi Model school and Mewoen Petoen School celebrated the day and carried out the activities together.

The 1st Pro-D Day of the academic session was held on 28th May 2016. A total of 34 teachers from Gangkyi and Lower Petoen School attended the session. The detail report and the pictures of the activities can be accessed from the following link:

The 2nd Pro-D Day was held on 24th September 2016. 39 teachers in total from both Gangkyi and Lower Petoen School took part in it. For futher details on the report and pictures of the day, please click onto the link:

Teachers' Professional Development(TPD) Workshop

The teachers of the lower Petoen School had also participated in a school-based TPD workshop organized by DoE at lower TCV school on 5th and 7th July 2016.
The teachers of Mewoen Tsuglag Petoen School also had the privilege of participating in two sessions on Action Research and Reflective journal by Mr. Tony London from Australia on 5th and 12th August respectively from 2:30 to 4:00 pm under TPD program. The teachers enjoyed the interactive sessions and shared their Action Research plans and their experiences regarding reflective writing. The sessions were worth attending and really helpful.
More pictures of the activities can be seen from the following link:
The Officiating Principal, Headmistress and the School Associates (serving as Mentor teachers) will also attend an orientation program scheduled for 14th – 16th of October, 2016.

The report filed by Tenzin Choedon (Mrs.)
(Officiating Principal)