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Orientation Programme on Teacher Professional Development

An orientation programme on Teacher Professional Development was held on 7th March 2014 at Sambhota Model School, Gangkyi in which 33 teachers including Principal and Headmistress of both upper and lower Petoen School took part. During the programme, teachers were divided into groups of five and collectively read the Teacher Professional Development Framework and Guidelines. The groups came up with different feedbacks.


Following conclusions were made for this session to begin with:
All the teachers from Pre-primary to Secondary level are directed to prepare one Individual Professional Growth Plan for this academic session. The plan has to be submitted by the end of March 2014.

Two Professional Development Days will be organised during the academic session 2014. First on 24th May and the second on 25th October, 2014. During these two days, in the morning, a teacher from each level, i.e. one each from Pre-primary, Primary and Secondary level will conduct workshops for the rest of the teachers on topics related to teaching strategies, classroom management, collaborative learning, etc. In the afternoon, teachers will share their 3-month experiences on individual growth plan.

Natgeo Related Activities:
NatGeo Explorer group of teachers, namely, Mr. Lobsang Tsering, Mrs. Tenzin Choedon and Ms. Tenzin Kyizom are holding 1 hour class on Friday and Saturday every week.

During the 1 hour classes, teachers provide help in understanding the NatGeo Explorer Magazine and keep notes. They also write poems, unfamiliar words for vocabulary building, drawing pictures of animals, etc. They also learn about animals through Encarta Dictionary as an extended learning.

Children will be shown National Geographic Channel once a week related to NatGeo Explorer.

The teachers will organize NatGeo Explorer Presentation on 9th May 2014 and NatGeo Quiz on 13th June 2014.

To Promote Reading Habits Among The Children:
Four teachers are deputed to look after and guide the children during reading days. Mr. Lobsang Tsreing and Mr. Dawa Tsering are guiding the children during Tibetan Book Reading day on Monday and Mrs. Tenzin Choedon and Ms. Tenzin Kyizom are guiding the children during English Book Reading day on Tuesday.

They will organize World Book Day on 23 April, 2014.They will also organize children's presentations (Book Review) as a result of book reading after an interval of three months each.