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Orientation to the teachers regarding the TPD

activity-05All teachers were provided with a comprehensive orientation on the new approach to Professional Development on 24th Jan 2014. A copy of the Teacher Professional Development Framework and Guidelines was given to all teachers to foster the deeper understanding of the new approach.

Teacher's Reading Corner
Teacher's reading corner was created in the staff room on 15th Feb 2014 with a range of books covering Pedagogy and other related topics. Separate book shelf was bought to keep these books for teacher's ready reference and for ease of issuing purpose. Two teachers were appointed as the in-charge for the issue/return of the books and for maintaining a reading logbook.


These books were displayed for the teachers to see and a separate period was assigned for the purpose. A list of all the books (with its authors and subject) is available at the Teacher's reading corner for ready reference. Lesson study in the form of flow charts is also pasted in Staff room notice board. The school is also planning to introduce good books to teachers during section meetings or gatherings.

The school has also maintained a file with the title "Lesson Study" which includes the effective lesson study in different fields carried out in the world for teacher's reference.

Collaborative Practices or learning programs
activity-06On 31st Feb. 2014 a discussion was held on Teacher Professional Development and collaborative lesson plan by concerned subject teachers- English, Tibetan, Science, Math's and Social. The teachers planned appropriate strategies to address the targeted needs.  In this program teachers participated in professional development designed to improve their content knowledge, transform their teaching and help them respond to student's needs. These activities, which include workshops, study groups, mentoring, classroom observations, and numerous other formal and informal learning experiences, have mixed results in how they affect student's achievement. Those opportunities allow teachers to work together on instructional planning, learn from one another through mentoring or peer coaching, conduct research on the outcomes of classroom practices, and collectively guide curriculum, assessment, and professional learning decisions.

Working with a colleague, each teacher got the opportunity to revisit the goal(s) determined at the beginning of the school academic session. Taking a fresh look at the targeted needs and the strategies being used will serve to validate the teacher's efforts and to enable modifications. The teachers participated in workshops and short-term professional development events.

It was considered important by the administrators, support staff, and teachers to share conversations concerning the instructional program and strategies for meeting the needs of individual students. One of the most effective tools for gathering data for these conversations is a formal or informal classroom observation.


Lesson Study

activity-07A group of teachers teaching the same subject decided to form a Lesson Study Group. This group met and selected one topic for one grade level. The team prepared a good lesson plan. After few days one teacher from the team did the actual teaching in class based on the lesson plan collectively prepared. The other team members observed the lesson and noted the feedback for more discussions later. Some changes were made again in the same lesson plan and edited together based on the observations made. Then some another teacher from the group did teachings based on the new lesson plan prepared. Like this the process continued till a very good lesson plan was formed which then was shared with others. Lesson study in Tibetan subject has been prepared. And the first cycle of lesson study in English, Science and social science has been finished.