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Picture Composition

english-class-ivObjectives of the lesson:
(1) To be able to compose by looking at the pictures
(2) To be able to understand the importance of team work

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Topic Adjectives

english-class-ivObjectives of the lesson:
(1) To develop the language and thinking skills of the children. (2) To enable them to make sentences with the adjective words. (3) To give opportunity to express themselves freely. (4) To enable the students to recognize the adjectives from the sentences. (5) To assist the pupils to enrich their vocabularies...

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Topic Alice in Wonderland – Story

english-class-ivLearning Objective:
Specific Aim: to build up a sense of imagination, curiosity, wonder and creativity, self-expression, courage and spontaneity.
General Aim:To develop their skills such as Listening, thinking, speaking, reading and writing.
(1) Previous Knowledge (2) Introduction (3) Students' Participation (4) Comprehension (5) Language Exercises (6) Composition (7) Reading...


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Topic Crying Poetry

english-class-vSpecific Aim:
(1) Teaching children to look at the lighter or brighter side of life. Think positive and sharing one's joys, happiness, sorrow and worry with one's near and dear ones.
General Aim:
(1) Let children enjoy poetry as a means to express one's feelings and to encourage self expression by composing short poems and sharing their thoughts in words with their peer group...

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