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Personal Opinion on TPD

TCV-School-Suja-Activity-06It has been almost four years since the official inception of Teacher professional Development programs in Tibetan schools across India and Nepal. This program has been initiated by the Department of Education, CTA after a thorough research done as per the recommendation from the Education Advisory board and undergoing many discussions in various levels, with the sole purpose of raising the standard of school education given in the Tibetan schools.  Likewise a lot of money has been invested in installing Teacher Reading Corners, procuring books, workshops, activities and projects related to this Teacher Professional Development. A special website for the educators www.tibetanteachers.com was also launched on 5th September coinciding the teachers' Day. The Department had also published one Guidelines and Framework of Teacher Professional Development for the educators and accordingly given workshops for the school heads. Thus, it has become the first priority among other mandatory programs in all the Tibetan schools.  Today, despite all the inconveniences and hectic schedules, all the Tibetan schools have been implementing this project according to the suitability of respective schools and it’s a success story compared to earlier past; when of course there were teacher collaborations but not at this vigorousity. It still needs to be improved and strengthened as success has no limit.

d90619965e61460e9ee1bcb00bcaab23Effective professional developments definitely affect students. The students’ learning and achievement increase when teachers engage themselves in effective teacher professional development programs. In any educational institution, teachers’ own professional development programs need to be given priority so that it practically sets a model for the students to develop love towards learning. Apart from the people who are purposely appointed in respective schools to facilitate and monitor the progress of Teacher professional Development projects, the school teachers as well as the school heads play very important role in executing these indispensible projects successfully in their respective schools.




Attitudes of the Teachers:  Growth mindset; always eager to try new things

The teachers play very important role in building of a future generation. The quality and the strength of our future generation depend upon the education given in the school. Having felt the important role teachers play, the teachers need to be learning all the time. The more the teacher learns, the more effective his/her teaching becomes. Rather than looking at these projects as extracurricular, the teachers as well as the school heads need to look at these projects as means to develop themselves professionally. There are teachers who have good things to say about these projects. By participating actively in these projects, they see themselves developing both individually as well as professionally. As a saying, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t—you’re right.”—Henry Ford, it depends upon how you look at such new initiatives. A person with a growth mindset will always welcome new initiatives and moves forward no matter what but the person with fixed mindset will find reasons to avoid these and eventually cause negative vibes in the community. Days and days of lecture on importance of learning mean very less as compared to few hours of practical demonstrations by the teachers in passionately engaging in these professional development activities. A big question arises, are we really doing all these out of passion or as one of the mandatory activities of the school? If the answer is “Yes”, it’s great and if the answer is “No”, it’s high time now.

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Attitudes of the school heads: Supportive and motivating

The school heads are equally responsible for the successful implementation of these projects in their respective schools and they do have been working so hard in making this effective. There has been lots of progress and developments in schools but since the success has no end, they must put more focus on it. In spite of all the administrative work which devour most of their time, they should find time to motivate their teachers in developing their genuine love and interest in such activities. Rather than looking at these new initiatives as some mandatory programs in each calendar year, they should take these as indispensible for teacher’s professional growth and convinced their teachers. Developing professionally needs to be the only priority for any professional. If there is no professional development, there will be no new change towards progress. The school heads should love their teachers and always be concerned about their consistent development either as a person or as a teacher. They should occasionally meet their teachers and talk about their TPDs so that the teachers feel its importance. Instead of having one particular day to present all the projects, they can also fix some school hours where the teachers as well as the school heads talk about these and give guidance. They should also regularly visit the teacher reading corner and encourage others to read books from that corner as well.

Conclusion: As said earlier, this important project which is formerly initiated in Tibetan schools with the sole aim of improving quality of education for the students needs to be given the first priority in all schools. The more vigorous these projects are, better and more effective pedagogy, the school experiences. As such, there should be support and co-operation from all sides so that these programs go effectively in all the Tibetan schools uniformly. Even if there is no substantial or concrete result in the end; which of course is not at all true, but at least there will be whole lot of new learning and interaction among the teachers through the process.

Tenzin Dhargyal