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Time for Collaborative practices and Individual PGPs

book-towerThe month of March, which is normally devoted for the teachers to decide and choose their collaborative practices and Individual Professional growth plans is almost at its final phase. It is hoped that all the teachers have already chosen own professional development practices and submitted the same to their school heads.

Teacher professional development project is a very important move forward towards developing better Educational standard in Tibetan schools. The project came into being in 2014 with the recommendation of the Tibetan Education Advisory committee under the Department of Education, CTA Dharamsala. It started in 11 pilot schools and gradually replicated in remaining Tibetan schools in exile. A lot of emphasis and funds had been incurred towards its successful implementation because the quality of education depends upon the effective teaching and methodology used by the teachers.

Under Teacher Professional Development guidelines and framework, the teachers are entitled to engage in two professional developments:

Collaborative Practices: A group of teachers work together to do Book Discussion, Lesson Study, Lesson Observation etc.

Individual Professional Growth Plan: A teacher chooses one simple goal related to his/her professional and work to achieve the goal within his/her own time span.