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Powerful Lesson Planning

Powerful lesson planningEvery teacher's goal is to create a rich instructional environment for their students, and thoughtful, informed lesson planning is a key element in that process. Janice Skowron's jump-start of a book offers novice and experienced teachers step-by-step, essential guidance in this challenging and oftentimes highly complex task. It brings into focus the decisions teachers face as they plan instruction and provides four progressively complex and nuanced models: basic, integrated, differentiated, and problem-based instruction. Descriptive information, numerous examples, and tools such as key questions, planning guides, and templates help educators develop proficiency in planning instruction.
This revised edition will:
Help teachers incorporate the best practices for lesson planning, Build the lesson-planning skills and repertoire of new teachers, Revitalize instruction for veteran teachers, Strengthen teachers' abilities to plan standards-based lessons, Help teachers focus on assessment in the initial phases of lesson planning
Powerful Lesson Planning will increase teachers' competence and confidence--and help them master the skills needed to advance their practice and improve learning for all students.