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Positive Discipline in the Classroom

Positive Discipline in the ClassroomOver the years millions of parents and teachers have used the amazingly effective strategies of Positive Discipline to restore order and civility to their classrooms and homes. And in today's classroom, where teachers must compete with digital distractions for their students' attention while trying to satisfy increasingly demanding academic standards, it is more important than ever that educators be able to combat apathy, instill vital problem-solving skills, and create a climate that maximizes learning.

Now you too can use the time tested Positive Discipline strategies as a foundation for fostering cooperation, problem-solving skills, and mutual respect in children. This new edition of Positive Discipline in the Classroom is updated with essential tools for the modern teacher. Imagine, instead of controlling behavior, you can be teaching; instead of confronting apathy, you will enjoy motivated, eager students! Inside, you'll learn how to:
(1) Create a classroom climate that enhances academic learning.
(2) Use encouragement rather than praise and rewards.
(3) Instill valuable social skills and positive behavior through the use of class meetings.
(4) Learn why involving students in solving problems is much more effective than punishment.
(5) Understand the motivation behind students' behavior instead of looking for causes.
(6) And much more!